My name is Deborah and welcome to my parte!!!

I am a research and communications expert passionate about community engagement and development. As true African native, I’m inspired by the possibilities on continent and quite particular about the positioning of African women to drive developmental realities at all levels of leadership.

I enjoy writing, speaking, and generally, content creation. I’m also crazy about a few things. Here’s a quick list


I’m blessed with the best squad ever. As in, my ride or die gang!


Oh, I’m sorry that I’m not sorry about my passion for the art of indulging in yumminess! I like to eat, ALOT and I enjoy trying out new food combinations anywhere, anytime. I’m down like that


I am particularly particular about issues that intersect and interact with advancing women’s leadership at all levels. Yup. I campaign against the patriarchy, institutionalized sexism and corporatism misogyny. Female inclusion in leadership functions and building personal and professional competence in women and girls are action areas I’m in looove with. No apologies WHATSOEVER! #WOMANDLA!


Deep down, I know I’m called to travel the world. Regardless of what my bank account says, I tell her that I am called to see the world. For me, it’s a calling I’m beyond excited to respond to. Do you think I should start a gofundme for it? Too desperate? Ok.. lol


More than a fun fact, I sing and write songs. Yup! I’m a big bundle of talent. I know…lol


I know some of you were low-key waiting for this part! Well, it’s global news that Jesus and I are engaged. We’re planning our wedding and you’re sooo invited. Please make reservations today and we’d be glad if you make it. Date? SOON. VERY SOON

Weird things I do?

You mean besides plugging in earphones and pretending I’m listening to music so that I can jejely avoid certain conversations? Well, I can’t tell you all my secrets on first date now. Subscribe to the blog and maybe we’ll get to know each other more intimately in the course of time

You’re welcome! Stick around…


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