SPECIAL ALERT! First Book Ready. Grab your copy of “Twenty-Six and Sober”!!!

Hello lovelies!

I did it!

Well, actually, we did it!

Thank you for supporting my writings over the years. And if you’re just coming on board, welcome to the geng (lol).

Now it’s time to grab your copy of my first eBook (actually first published book ever!!!). It’s titled Twenty-Six and Sober (A Signature Cocktail of Life Lessons).

A copy goes for #700 kpere! Here:https://paystack.com/pay/twenty-six-and-sober-deborah-adeojo

What’s Twenty-Six and Sober about?

On my 26th birthday, I experienced a wave of calm… As I deliberately numbered (beyond counting) my days, the wisdom and knowledge gaps in my life became more evident to me. Then I decided to account for and share with a controlled audience 25 personal life lessons I have learnt over the years. One lesson for every year I have lived. Frankly, some of these lessons I’m yet to master. Nevertheless, five reflective days and 25 WhatsApp status later, the content here emerged. To increase utility and preserve memory, I have organised the content in this eBook. I’m certain that you’ll find something you need in here. Perhaps, something you simply must (re)understand or remember. Enjoy strength to adopt and adapt these lessons as valid for your life’s journey.

To get your copy, pay #700 (Seven Hundred Naira Only) through Paystack. Please click https://paystack.com/pay/twenty-six-and-sober-deborah-adeojo

It’s a super easy process and you’ll get the book delivered directly to your inbox. How sweet is that?!

Here’s the link again: https://paystack.com/pay/twenty-six-and-sober-deborah-adeojo

Have you clicked on the link?

If you have ANY difficulty in making a purchase, I’m one email away (adeojodeborah@gmail.com).

The sweetness of the pudding is in the eating! Get a copy and dig in!!!

Thank you!


Love always,

Deborah Adeojo

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