I’m not a poet but I wrote a poem for IWD2019. I hope it speaks to you as a man or woman. I’d love to know what you think about this in the comment section. Enjoy the read and stay committed to #BalanceForBetter.


I’m Woman Enough!

I don’t need to be tough, I don’t need to be strong,

I don’t need to do a million things to prove my worth,

I don’t need to reinvent to meet your cut,

Come closer, step up, I’m woman enough


I don’t need your like but I’ll enjoy the ride,

If you tell me I’m fine, I’ll respond with a smile,

And if you don’t see fine, you’ll sure see me,

Like the force of the wind, I’m woman enough


I can dress like a girl and swing like a boy,

You made your rules, well, I’m creating mine,

If it sits with my core and aligns with my call,

Oh, away I sail, I’m woman enough


Whether I paint on a canvas, a wall or my face,

I may be good at math or very great at dance,

Same sweat, same stress, same genius involved,

Get a fix for your shallow, I’m woman enough


I too want to have and want to have too,

Sometimes I’ll ask you, sometimes I’ll strive to,

Whether I get it to me, or you get it to me,

My worth’s still not for batter, I’m woman enough


My dreams are mine, your dreams are yours, Ok?

They may converge or even sail apart,

As your dreams are valid, well so are mine,

Don’t you dare my commitment, I’m woman enough,


Well I am enough and so are you,

But here we are, a journey to make,

Before we leave this shore, here’s a term to ratify,

For all chores and rewards we’ll negotiate.


By: Deborah Adeojo




  • Ore-Ofe

    Beautiful piece you have got there! Yes, you are woman enough! The line “if you don’t see fine, you will sure see me” got me! So unique in our beautiful ways and the best version of you is you.

    • Deborah

      So true Oreofe. Many media and cultural narratives have downplayed the woman’s outstanding qualities by limiting it to only her physical characteristics. That is why so many women are literally reinventing their looks just to fit in to people’s standard of beautiful. But beyond looks, other parts of our being must begin to speak and command attention. Nobody sees the wind but it’s force cannot be ignored. So even when we’re not in the room, our results- the products of our efforts should make us forces to reckon with

  • Olufunmilola olorundare

    The part I love is the 5th……
    The most important thing is that I Get it., tru me or tru u…..
    Well done girl😍

    • Deborah

      Heyy girl, I’m glad you love that verse. I do too. Whether I get it to me or you get it to me- I’m going to get it! I also think the last line of that verse is important. We must never negotiate or allow people to think that our worth is up for negotiations just because they did us “favors”. I don’t owe you sex or anything that compromises my self-worth just because you helped me get anything. My worth is not for batter.

  • Jesudunsin

    Girl! Some powerful illustrations you used here. I love the line “if you don’t see fine,you’ll see me… Like the force of the wind, I am woman enough.

    Wind cannot be resisted and it’s clearly seen. There is no stopping me.


  • Sussan Olaleye

    Yes! I am a woman enough.

    You really got me glued to the end. I love the rhythm of the poem and the playing with words. “My dreams are mine, your dreams are yours, Ok?” Women are capable of dreaming big dreams too!

    It’s a lovely piece, I hope to read more soon😊.

    • Deborah

      Girll!! Thank you for reading. Yes, we can and should have BIG dreams. And our dreams are very valid too. I’m glad you read it. Thrive!

    • Deborah

      Should I really? It’ll be dope if I can do rap tho (lol), I feel poetry can be too deep at times. I’ll see how it goes. Thank you for reading Paul!

  • Owolabi Christiana

    This is great! It is just accurate with what was going on in my mind on the way to school this morning.yes..we are….to move on inspite of all odds

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