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Knock Knock, I’m Back!

Hello World!

It feels so good to be back. A lot has happened since the last time I published consistently. I am finally writing my first book which will be out this August (trust me to fill you in on the details progressively). Of course, I’ve moved from shewrites.com.ng to this beautiful and personal new address. I finished my Masters and in a couple of weeks I’d be back in school exploring research in African Studies with focus on Gender Studies (a field I’ve always been passionate about but finally found courage to explore academically).

However, three things have not changed; my passion for writing, my chronic mood swings, and my strong opinions!

I find it particularly liberating that I am much more comfortable in my own skin, embracing my realities and writing my stories which really initiated this move. I remember that my greatest fear when I started blogging was that nobody would read what I wrote. I was too insecure to share my opinions that I just didn’t think anyone (besides my mum, siblings and a few friends) would be interested in what I had to say. Yet, I did it afraid but I wrote incognito for months before I eventually started owning my articles, taking credit for them and including information about myself on the website. Today, all that is history. Although I’m still occasionally timid about voicing my opinions especially on issues labeled controversial, the joy of sharing overwhelms and instructs me!

This new level self-acceptance resonates a lot with current trends in Africa. I have observed with delight the increasing infusion of Africa into “globalization” which for a long time meant “westernization” and I am impressed. Like never before, we’re loving who we are. Our fabric and creativity on international runways; our culture-infused  music and entertainment on the global scene; the kinky natural hair revolution; the #melaninpopping campaign; and the various nuances of our collective WAKANDANIZATION attest to this. I am loving that we are finally accepting our truth and are taking control of our narrative with all gusto and this energy I personally channel.

I can go on and on but as I share my perspectives on life, faith, and society expect authentic, bold, stimulating, practical and culturally conscious writings. I’m starting off with a 5-episode series titled “Now That You Are Single” where I will be sharing important things you should learn by practice in your single season- that is if you intend to be married. You’d love it! This series starts on Sunday 6th of May, 2018. You really don’t want to miss it so subscribe now!!!

I’ll see you around!

Stretch & Thrive!

Deborah Adeojo



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