Dear Sista,

How are you Sis? We’re continuing our journey as regards our relationship with God and today I’m reminding you of one truth we conveniently forget as we journey in faith through life. Your life is not yours! It once was, but it no longer is.

It’s quite interesting that we often want to have our cake and eat it. But we simply can’t. We cannot give our lives to God and still run our lives. We cannot call Him our Lord and still call the shots. We cannot be both in and out at the same time and there is no middle ground in this journey! To become a child of God is to accept all the conditions of being bought by the blood of Jesus which includes submitting to His lordship and becoming like Him.

There is only one standard for your life and it is not even the best conceived version of yourself. God’s standard for you remains JESUS. He is the mold in which you must cast your life and the prototype you must pattern your life after. So, again, your life is no longer yours but His and until Christ is formed in you, you have not attained.

Sista, there is so much God wants to do with you and me but until we take our eyes off ourselves and fully launch into His fullness, we cannot be found fit for His use. Also, our submission to the will of God must come with a sense of total dependency on Him. We must believe that until we lose our lives, we cannot find it and we must trade the personal pronouns that we are so used to for God-centered pronouns.

Sweet Sista, with all sincerity, you are just too small to be all that your life is about. It is in fact an abomination to limit God’s investment in and over you to you and what you want. None of this is about you anymore. The life you now life you must live in Him. You must allow the Holy Spirit to strip self off you until you become solely committed to the will of God for your life.

So, every time you feel the urge to take charge, make that quick decision, or disobey His instruction, whisper to the self within yourself, “Stay dead, this life is no longer yours”.

I love you! Thrive!!!

Yours Sincerely,



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