Dear Sista,

Yes! We made it to the second segment of this letter series. Remember I told you at the beginning that we’ll be looking into three dimensions of your relationships; your relationship with yourself, with God, and with other people. So, after 7 letters discussing you and yourself, we’re moving on. Today, in relations to your relationship with God, I’m charging you on the need to grow up!

Sweet Sis, growth testifies to the presence of life. Wherever life is, growth is and vice versa. You simply cannot say that your relationship with God is alive without evidences of growth mirrored by an improving character, significant spiritual experiences and a progressive knowledge of God. By all standards, your relationship with God should be alive and progressive and this can only be achieved through a consistent and active walk with the Holy Spirit through fellowship and obedience.

Why is growing up a big deal? Well, there are resources and opportunities you will not get access to until you grow up. Some prophesies and promises over your life will also remain hanging until you grow up spiritually to engage and utilize them. Furthermore, there are depths God would have us attain in Him for the fulfillment of His counsel for our lives. Plus, with maturity comes fruitfulness.

God is not pleased with any form of stagnation. He desires our progressive growth and establishment in the Truth, with immunity to strange winds of doctrine and false appearances of “good”. Therefore, we must consistently pursue spiritual investments, adhere to spiritual disciplines and prioritize our fellowship with God. We must also note that though growth is not automatic, it is measurable over time.

Sis, God is counting on you in a lot of ways for a lot of things. Will you grow up and be counted?

I love you


Yours Sincerely,



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