Dear Sista,

How have you been? I sincerely apologize for standing you up for two weeks now. Though I longed to write, I just couldn’t come through with the letas. Perhaps if I had given myself a little more push, I would have kept the commitment. I am so sorry. It won’t happen again and I will try to make it up to you.

Today, I’m sharing with you the wisdom of effective resource management and efficient delegation. The truth is that even if you can do everything, you cannot do everything. Your ambition to be “Jane of all trades and master of all” will eventually be halted by the limited resources of time and energy. Besides, you were not wired to do everything effectively. You only have enough resources to flourish in few areas of specializations though you may be sufficiently knowledgeable about everything else. Nevertheless, it is misappropriation to channel the limited resources allocated to you on assignments that are not in sync with your purpose. if you keep jumping into bed with every project that seems good and laudable, you will end up draining your resource bank and having nothing left to do the real work required of you. Besides, when you stretch yourself too thin, your quality drops and you will consequently begin to under perform in your areas of core competence.

Sis, you must also note that you have no business doing averagely and miserably what someone else was wired to do efficiently with maximum satisfaction at an affordable price. You must learn to delegate tasks that you cannot effectively manage to people who can and let others take up their portion of the assignment before you if and where they can do a better job. I know you want to be the Proverbs 31 woman but the wisdom of her productive life was effective delegation and administration. No she wasn’t lazy but she didn’t do everything. She gave out portions and saw to the productive accomplishment of everything. Like her, through delegation, you will build up others and help them find themselves and grow on the job.

My counsel to you is simple. Since your resources are limited, it is important that you consciously begin to conserve them by limiting leakage and wastage. Channel your strength and time aright doing only specified, specialized and purpose-driven assignment. The other things you try to do are someone else’s specialization. Find and recruit them! You can’t give yourself fully to the ministry of the word and still wait tables. Anoint someone else do that. To maximize your life, you must become a good manager of your time, energy and emotions. And most times, this will require you to say “No” to the juicy opportunities that have the tendency to drain and misappropriate your resource bank.

You are evolving. I love you! Thrive!

Yours Sincerely,


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