Dear Sista,

What a week! I’m so excited we are in the 4th quarter of the year. Can you believe it?! We started 2016 just yesterday! How is your week coming? In today’s piece, I simply want to encourage you to always celebrate and never take for granted who you are today because within you lies the potential that will initiate and give expression to who you will become.

One important lesson we all must internalize in relations to our current status and the future locked within us is that “face value is usually false value”. In other words, you’ll always end up with an incorrect assessment of yourself when you submit to judging your book by its cover or permitting anyone else to.

Because we live in a fast-paced highly visual world, there’s the temptation to assume that we are expected to look like what we are becoming. So when we don’t feel or look like we have something tangible to offer our world, we simply conclude that perhaps we don’t have what it takes. Yet, that is not true. That’s the enemy trying to distract and cripple us with low self-esteem. We don’t need to look or feel great to birth greatness.

Have you ever seen a mustard seed? It is an extremely small seed with the potential to grow and become one of the biggest trees known to man when planted in good soil and properly tended to. Though as a seed it can be easily despised and treated with little worth, when it is planted and grown it is of great value and cannot be ignored.

Sis, you are like the mustard seed. Though you seem to people (or to yourself) as one with a fragile frame and of insignificant consequence, within you lies potentials that are bigger than human comprehension. All you need is to get planted and get grown. Get planted in the ground of purpose and allow God to tend to you through training and wise counsels.

If only you knew the much within you to offer the world, you will pay less attention to what is visible to the eyes. Stop measuring yourself with standards that have nothing to do with you. God is at work in you and He is still in the business of using the weak to shame the strong. You are becoming and there is more to you than you’ve seen.

Sis, always remember that you will always frame a wrong picture of yourself every time you assume that your size, past or present is who you are. You need to look less at the reflection of yourself in the mirror and look within. In fact, if you must look in a mirror, let it be the mirror of God’s word. Let it open you up to the deeper depth, higher height and wider width of the “you” He created and sees. You just get planted in God by God and for God and you’ll be amazed at the results!

Dear Sista, stop underestimating yourself. You may not look like it yet but there is more to you. You are becoming. You will become. And you will remember that I told you so.

Stay planted and keep growing.

I heart you! Thrive!

Yours sincerely,


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