Dear Sista,
I trust that you had a great Wednesday! I’ve got to tell you sis, God has been dealing with me on specific issues and though I can’t say I enjoy it, I love it! Like I said in our last letter, “you’ve just got to trust His methods and stay in school. Don’t quit because you don’t like it. You really won’t like everything you need. But if you need it, it’s wisdom to embrace it.” Sometimes, all you need to keep you going is the knowledge of God’s intense love for you that has made Him so committed to your growth and improvement. Well, that’s that about my week. Today I’m writing you on getting NAKED.
Ok sis. When was the last time you got naked? Before stepping into the shower tonight perhaps. Or maybe this morning. But here’s my question, when was the last time you got naked and paid close attention? *Not sure?* Exactly.
Sweet sista, there’s an almost natural tendency for us to get caught up in the daily routines of life that ought to guide and grow our knowledge about us that we end up missing out on new developments and discoveries about ourselves until they’ve become too big to be ignored. While it is important that you spend some time to know your physical body, it’s extremely important to get naked, meet and explore the “you” within. This is because the quality of your life is highly contingent on how much you know yourself and how well you put that knowledge to use. So you really need to get naked and explore.
Get curious as to why you act the way you do, what triggers certain emotions in you, what are your natural tendencies, what are your weakness and strengths etc. Since information is power, with correct and updated information about yourself, you can live life more meaningfully and manage your relationships better. Besides, how do you grow measurably if you don’t know your “current address”?
I think sometimes we are afraid to be actively naked with ourselves because we are afraid what we might discover. The truth however is that we are all works in progress. Everyone has some flaws. But there’s no way you can work on a flaw that you’ve not discovered and acknowledged. Besides, there are strengths and powerful features that you may never leverage on because you don’t know they exist.
So sis, get naked and get curious. Ask yourself questions and ask the right people around you questions about you. Don’t get defensive but test all truths. Put the acquired knowledge to use and improve yourself daily. God is eager shine His spotlight on you, but you must first find the spots on you and take you to Him for cleansing.
Get knowing and growing. I heart you!
Yours Sincerely,

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