Dear Sista,

How are you? It’s been a productive week for me so far and I’m optimistic that the momentum won’t drop. Today, I’m making good my promise to write you on PROCESS. Now, while I don’t know the particular area of your life in which you are going through process and what the peculiarities are, I’ll just write you from a general angle with all my love and heart as always.

Sista, a lot of times we go through stuff (usually difficult stuff) that we don’t understand and because we don’t understand, we get anxious, depressed or full of complains. But we really don’t always have to understand every detail of our experiences; we only need to be consciously aware of the mystery that whatever we go through, good or not, was designed to work ultimately for our good. This is one truth I have embraced about life and it has changed the way I experience things. What you are going through is either a training period to teach you an expedient lesson or an examination period to evaluate your assimilation of a previous lesson. So, there are NO gaps in your story.

However, when going through the uncomfortable rides required for our destination, we tend to want to jump out and quit due to pressure. But Sis, if you quit school because you don’t like the stress, then you simply can’t qualify for the degree. Yet you need that degree to up your chances in life and get some other things working. And you can only earn it by putting in the hard work and the right attitude. The message is simple, there is a great destination in view, but to get there, you must go through whatever is required. And it’s not in your place to dictate the terms of the journey, your destination will. In fact, sometimes even when we are headed to the same destination like others, just like Joseph, Esther and David who all ended up in the palace, God still decides to take us through different processes depending on what is He deems fit for our character development and effectiveness on the job.

Sweet Sista, remember that God has not promised to take you through an expected process but He is still committed to bringing you to an expected end. You’ve just got to trust his methods and stay in school. Don’t quit because you don’t like it. You really won’t like everything you need. But if you need it, it’s wisdom to embrace it.

Just as gold endures and evolves through the heat of process, allow process to wean and purify you from certain impurities of character, relationships, perception and faith. It’s the perfect strategy to mature you for subsequent value and productivity. Process is simply God doing a great work on and in you for His greater works through you. Just stay on, get certified and commissioned.

Sis, there is so much I want to pour into you because I love you. But please note that there are no enviable degrees without a conscious commitment to learning and maximization of investments. So, stay in school and learn consciously. Your crown awaits.

I heart you! Thrive!

Yours Sincerely,



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