Dear Sista,

How has your week been? Trust you are good! Ok sis, let’s get to it.

Have you ever been in a season of your life where you just cannot wait to leave and move on to the next? Have you? Well, I’ve been there a couple of times and in fact, I’m in one of those seasons! Sometimes, I get so tired of “being on a spot” that I’m prepared to do almost anything to just appear to be in “motion” even if that “motion” doesn’t entail any meaningful advancement. However, after lots of trial and error, I have learnt to douse the pressure for change with the consciousness of its inevitability and intentionally live in my current address and experience the accompanying experiences before I eventually leave.

Sweet sista, one truth is sure; our lives are constantly in motion. Sometimes we go really fast, at times move a bit slow, other times we move really slow. But super slow motion isn’t no motion. The velocity at which we progress through life may change in seasons but we are never stuck and as much as we need speed, we must understand that we need the brakes and slow rides too.

Interestingly, when we speed through life, getting every good and godly thing in a blink, there is a high tendency for us to miss out on crucial training and experiences assigned to certain phases of life, and we may even end up undervaluing or ignoring the weight of our testimonies. Besides, we are made- built and prepared through PROCESS– for the coming seasons of our lives by the experiences of the current season we are in. It’s simple. What you are going through is as important and is in fact the requirement for where you are going to. I’ll tell you more about PROCESS next week.

So sis, what do you do with the now? Breathe and live! Live the life you’ve got to the fullest! Live so excitedly and deliberately that that seemingly unfavorable phase you are in leaves you by itself. Don’t let anxiety distract you from the pleasure in the moment. Sometimes, you’ll need to pay a little more attention to see the pleasures in the moment. You must also understand that someone else’s life is never an acceptable measuring standard for your life. So don’t ever be pressured by the progress or the appearance of progress of others.

Sweet Sista, you must also understand that there are no gaps in your story. Every scene is important to the development of the plot, your character, and the successful production of your life’s story. And relax, everything written about you is great. So regardless of what is going on now, this scene will fade and your story will end well. You just need to learn the now lessons and let process prepare and condition you for the coming seasons. Ensure that you live before you leave.

If you are too single, be excitedly single. If you are too engaged, be patiently engaged. If you are too unemployed, be gainfully unemployed. If you are too in school, be consciously in school. If you are too alive, be vibrantly living. If you are too uncomfortable, be observantly uncomfortable. And if you ever feel too alone, be industriously alone.

Sis, you won’t get these moments back when you leave here so make every emotion and experience count for good. Let the now mature you into the inevitable future. Don’t get overwhelmed by the pursuit of the opportunities that come with the brightness of the morning that you miss out on the productivity that the tranquility of a dark night offers.  Take charge, take advantage and milk the now for all its worth. Live before you leave or it leaves you.

My heart longs to see you emerge. I can’t wait to see you become. But while you are yet becoming, I will live!

I heart you!

Yours Sincerely,



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