Dear Sista,

I’m so excited!

It’s been three months since I wrote you and a lot has happened in that short time. I can confidently tell you that I’m gaining progressive clarity on God’s purpose for my life and increasing confidence to pursue it. In fact, I’ve taken some baby steps in that direction and I’m happily watering those seeds as I patiently look forward to their growth and greatness.

But, this is not about me!

How are you? I trust you’ve been discovering and defining yourself in line with God’s manual for your life. I deeply desire that you discover and be content with all that He has to offer you.

As we embark on this journey for the second time, I’m persuaded to share with you on three distinctive yet related areas of your life. So in a 7/7/7 order, we’ll explore your relationship with Yourself, Your God, and Your world.

But, first, let’s do some much needed unpacking and clean up.

Sista, life is a long distance journey with many stops and like typical travellers, we journey carrying luggage. However, too many people travel through life with way much luggage that they need such that they begin to crumble under the weight of self-inflicted burdens. I don’t want you to be one of such. So, what is in your bag?

As ladies we tend to have a lot of ‘stuff’ and when packing for a two-day trip, everything seem to become a “necessity”. But when we pack with that mentality, we end up having too much luggage than we actually need. For me, this is a daily challenge with ‘packing’ my handbag and when I don’t exercise discretion, I end up creating a burden for myself instead of enjoying a comfortable carriage for the essentials I need during the day. We cannot make the same mistake with life.

Sweet Sista, the only way to travel fast, cheap, and happy through life is to travel light. Not everyone you know, everything you own and everything you have been through is necessary for the next phase of your journey. You must learn to separate essentials from the little luxuries that end up becoming burdens. But then, you simply cannot know what you really need unless you know where you are going because essentials are determined by the destination. So, where are you going?

Sista, you’re too precious and too equipped to wander through life. So discover your assignment and travel intentionally with the right stuff in your box. Ideologies that are not in line with scriptural perspectives, values that are indifferent to your purpose, memories and experiences that pollute your stream of happiness and sense of worth, habits and character traits that reduce your opportunities, negative emotions that leave you with a waste of regrets, and unhealthy relationships that slow you down are some the things you must unpack from your luggage and leave behind as you advance through life to your destination.

Remember that life will tax you for every excess you bring on board, so lighten your luggage. In the end, all you really need is a knapsack carrying faith, good memories, significant life lessons, an improving character, a curious and expanding intellect, healthy relationships and a progressive revelation of God. Everything else may just be luxuries waiting to metamorphose into burdens.

Dear Sista, if it does your journey no good, discard it. In fact, if it does your journey “nothing”, let it go. You will need the vacuum for new, better and rewarding additions. So, lighten your luggage, shake off the burdens, and travel light.

I see you discovering your destination and walking its path in God. I heart you.


Yours Sincerely,



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