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I relearned an old lesson today. I have always known that I shortchange myself each time I expect God to come to me or move in a defined way all the time yet, sometimes I still place him in an imaginary box. It is funny how often we do that though. Like a mother will do to her child, we sit back and give God nonverbal- sometimes verbal- instructions on how to work in us, for us and through us and if he doesn’t follow our guidelines, we assume he’s not working at all and miss out on His dealings in our lives.  Do we not know that God cannot be held bound by our stereotypes and rigidity?

He is God and if we will ever begin to experience and enjoy Him to the fullness of satisfaction attainable, we must be very open to creativity of His ways. If He has already said that his thoughts are not our thoughts, then we should know that we cannot think up His process either. When we think He is going to arrive in an entourage of smoke and deafening sirens, He might just decide to show up hours after the noise. And simply because He is not heralded by overwhelming smoke doesn’t mean He is less of a consuming fire.

Trust God and trust His procedure and process with and in you. Sincerely, God is constantly working in us causing us both to will and do according to his good pleasure. Just believe it! Take him out of that imaginary box and give him access to you and through you how he wants, where he wants and when he wants. God is too GOD to be trapped. Get him out of that box!

Deborah Adeojo

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