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Hey, Wake Up!

Yes, you!

Now, here’s a conversation I’d like to have once and forever cause I’m really tired of having to always explain myself out of or ignore the same crap conversation every time. So let’s just do this once and forever.

“Love” demanded that I convene some ladies like myself to start a self-empowerment project and as soon as we set sail, as expected, I’m already dragged into accusations of creating a platform to “slay men”. Ok, some used more subtle expressions but really? It is very insulting to think that every time girls of like mind gather to talk and have a good time our subject of conversation is boys. Are we that shallow and narrow-minded that nothing else makes sense to us but men? Have we no dreams or goals or aspirations or struggles to occupy our thoughts and inspire our words? Please, stop insulting our intelligence.

Well, this is not really about you or me, right? It’s about a celebrated notion that should be vaporized. We live in the 21st century where as women we do more, know more and are focused on so much more than chores and men. Yes, we want good husbands and good fathers for our children. We want good homes too. But our lives consist of so much more so wake up! We have interesting priorities, ourselves and social issues to deal with so we gather to discuss problems and create solutions. We have brains so we can talk about politics and the economy. We talk about our faith and religion. Hey, we talk about culture, fashion, food, and yes, sports. We talk about our dreams, visions, and goals. Wait, isn’t God a fantastic personality to discuss forever? Well, we aren’t gossips so we don’t discuss people whose lives have no weight, inspiration or influence. We are simply too busy becoming.

But, I smell the fear. It’s because I’m a feminist shey? Does that then mean I’m busy witch-hunting men and creating altars and abattoirs for their slaughter? You think I make butchers of my female friends? Really? Don’t you get it? The assignment is too big allow time for silly games. We don’t even feel like we have enough time to do what we must so why entertain frivolities? We are just too busy. Too busy evolving.

Now here’s some important truth.

A shift is going on but many a men are sleeping on their inherited bicycles of “right to lead”. While they sleep, some women are awake. A lot of them. Toiling consciously and endlessly to empower themselves with the right resources and relationships for the next wave of relevance. I wish you will wake up and labour for your lot. Wake up to the understanding that the coming years will be very different. Wake up now to see that relevance, leadership, success, poverty, AIDS and everything else will no longer have a gender orientation or racial scent. The things that will set-up and set-apart in the years to come will be content, skills, competence etc. and God.

So while some are busy thinking they are ALL we think about, we are busy positioning ourselves to become the ONLY people they think, read, and talk about- a reward of deliberate and sustained improvement.

Wake up and smell the coffee. This has nothing and everything to do with you.

Yes, you!

*Oops* *Sorry*

Deborah Adeojo

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