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futureDo you remember those days when tomorrow felt so distant? Do you recall those times when the seemingly huge gulf between the present and the future gave us some measure of confidence that we’ve got tomorrow all figured out or at least we will in due season? Well, those days are long gone and even though some of us do not know it yet, tomorrow has gathered momentum and just like a cheetah after its prey, it now sprints towards us.

As I sit at my computer to write (though I can be a bit old school at times and do the pen and paper thing), I remember vividly with ddo itnostalgia, those family get-togethers while we were growing up; a “tradition” during festivities. During these fiestas, we come together; my mum, dad, uncles, aunts, cousins, grand parents, friends who have become family and practically every who is who on the family tree. Though some would skip attending, my mum was a regular and so was I. Amid the food and celebrations, we children always found time to run around the compound in our party dresses or underwear with “irritating chatters”, playing games and my favorite, role playing. We all loved role playing:

“I’ll be the doctor, you’ll be the patient” one of my cousins will suggest.

“No” another will respond. “Let me be the nurse and someone else the patient”.

Though our conversations back then lacked depth as they were mostly fantasies and wishful thinking, we exuded some measure of confidence in them. Occasionally, our uncles would sit us down and interrogate us. “What will you like to be when you grow up” they’d ask and we would reply them boldly, even though our dreams revolved around the doctor, lawyer, and engineer trio as those were the popular parent-subscribed professions. Back then we had a potent belief that we could be anything we wanted to be and we were convinced that we had all the time in the world to pursue those dreams however lofty they seemed.

Today the story is different. These get-togethers hardly occur because everyone is busy “pursuing” and for those who make time to attend, the conversation is different. Nobody asks you what you want to be? In fact, nobody cares about your “want-tos”? “What are you doing?” is the question on everyone’s lips. And once you are asked, you had better have something to say cause these uncles mean business and they want answers. Plus, they don’t want a one sentence response. Not even a paragraph. They want you to discuss, elaborate, elucidate with proofs and illustrations.How time flies!

There is no more luxury of time to dream, there is only sufficient time to do. In fact, there is only enough time to be doing. The tomorrow we used to daydream about has ceased to dwell somewhere in abstraction till we are ready to call for it. It has gathered momentum and now sprints towards us on four legs. The clause however is that if we do not garner enough strength and meet it with determination and preparedness, we may never enjoy its reality.

do itTomorrow is today. Everyone of us will eventually enter that season where our meager success and evidences of growth will cease to impress; where dreams and talks of its actualization becomes petty. Don’t confuse it for hate, blame it on the collapse of time cum raised expectations. The people who genuinely love us  will naturally begin to expect more from us and it is in doing that we meet up with these expectations. Dreaming is simply no longer sufficient. Yes, if we can think it, we can be it. But “can” is probability. However, if we pursue with diligence, we will be it. I think “will” is more assuring. Preparation bridges the gap between our now and tomorrow but whether we prepare or not, tomorrow will come unannounced.

Let’s get off the procrastination mat and pursue our dreams with determination, purpose and diligence for  the time to be doing is now. Tomorrow hurries towards us. It is no longer the future, it is not even the next minute. Tomorrow is today; tomorrow is here; tomorrow is now. So, do!

I love you very much @iniolatoniola


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