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Movement, Newness, Spice, Flavor… It’s Your Call. Just Keep It FRESH!

Every morning (or so), I wake up with excitement and the thought of something new. Mind you, these thoughts are not always grandiose and remarkably innovative, or necessarily rule-breaking, but they’re usually something different that works for me. At times, it’s as simple something newas eating something different or cooking my meals using a different approach or switching my bath sponge for a bath glove or combining new pieces of clothing or even reading an “odd” passage of the scripture (unlike the quite familiar books and passages). Other times I go all out.  I explore new relaxation spots (on a budget of course), meet up and hang out with people whom I have almost nothing in common with (the adventure is most times rewarding and worth the risk), change my hair color (I did that once and it was really cool asides from the fact that my hair now flakes lol), wear an unusual outfit (this can turn out to be really good or really bad), or simply do something spontaneous. Whatever the case, huge or minute, I consciously consistently create movement in my life and day to day activities by taking steps out of my comfort zone.

We all have our ztracyones. That place where we are at peace spiritually, physically, mentally and psychologically and at the peak of comfort; that magical place of solace where nothing can go wrong. It’s beautiful and perfect and most importantly, we are used to it. But reality is that as beautiful and perfect as being in our comfort zones sounds, dwelling there for too long can be our undoing. Our lives are full of so many potentials we are yet to discover; a world of exploration that should fuel our daily excitement and to have comfort zones is to invent limitations. When we get too comfortable doing the same things the same way with the same results, we unconsciously loose the desire to explore, imagine, invent and be creative. More harrowing is the truth that we place ourselves in an invincible box that limits our capacity to be more. Sooner than we realize, we are trapped in a circle of uninspiring events in territories too small to birth the potentials we carry. Our personality then passes as ‘normal’ which doesn’t necessarily mean ‘good’ but ‘like everyone else’; simply common. You’re unique, why settle for common?

Don’t get me wrong, comfort is good! In fact, comfort is the “it” people spend their lives looking for by pursing what they term the perfect job, perfect relationship, perfect career… perfect everything. But the irony is that when they find that “it” they’ve been looking for, they enjoy its bliss for a while, then they get used to “it” and they are bored and unsatisfied and finally they abandon “it” in search of a perceived new model of “it” that is supposed to make them happier. It’s a crazy web that no one should be entangled in.

Consider fresh water in a pond. Here, the water retains freshness for about a day or two but as time passes, without movement, it’ll gradually loose its freshness, become stale, slimy and soon smelly and unhealthy. On the other hand, consider an ocean. The water flows on different currents. Sometimes it comes with dirt from the seashore and is polluted for a while but because it’s not stagnant or inertia, it doesn’t stay polluted. Ocean water won’t smell or become unhealthy or taste bad because it’s engaged in movement. Sometimes all we need in our lives is movement. This is not to say you uproot yourself frocomfort zonem a job, or a relationship, a career and plunge yourself into another. There are times you need to take drastic steps and move to remove, other times you move to add, and most times you only need to move to “poshify” (spice up).

Spice up whatsoever is boring you out. Add flavor to whatever has come to lack the initial flavor and excitement you once savored. Before you declare anything unfit and trashworthy, add some spice first. Variety is truly the spice of life (cliché but research proven). Doing the same thing the same way with the same result produces a lethargic feeling which can be quite depressing. I’m not saying “go all out”; simply start by introducing bits and pieces of newness to your routine. Be willing, adventurous and ready to take some risks. I must confess though that sometimes you’ll be glad you did and other times you’ll SYH like I SMH. But at least you’ll what and how not to do…

Bottom line, your life is too beautiful to let it stink! Though everyday has the potential to turn out differently, sometimes, we have to make the effort and create movement. You don’t need a grand idea; all you need is a different approach. Wear a different hairstyle, try a new haircut. Add a whiff of mystery to yourself. Do something different in your relationship. Try new things, new habits,different get into character, play pretend and you’ll be amazed of the parts of you you’ll discover.  There are simply no excuses. Jesus was principled yet he healed the blind using different approaches. That’s spice! Rigidity doesn’t necessarily make anyone principled, just stuck-up. Your life is not an academic thesis, don’t be too methodological. Switch your shirt for a camisole under your work suit. Try out a new lip color. Take a different route to work. Be a help to someone who will never expect help from you. Give compliments. Give a gift. Follow new trends or create your own trend. Whatever works for you, just consciously determine to spice up every day from today with some newness by doing things differently. Like I said, sometimes you’ll hate it other times you’ll love it. That’s the beauty of life and you’ll never know unless you try.

So, take a leap of faith, have fun, try something new, create movement and spice up your life because only you can. Sometimes you fail sometimes you win, but take it in good stride and do not stop trying.  Life is too long and eventful to be locked up in a box. Love some adventure, get out now.out of d box

Please, share your hits and misses. Let me know how it goes. I love you very much.


  • Ciana Joy

    Wow! If I’m to rate this dear, i’ll give it a 100%. I so much love this becuase it ‘s just as if you wrote this out for me. I’m the type that always like to try and do new things everyday but sometimes i tend to consider people’s opinion, comments and reactions over mine, so i end up doing what i’ve been used to. Thanks to you, you’ve ginger my spirits..starting from now henceforth am gonna start doing my things differently not caring about what other think or says. Thanks alot d for this dear. Gogirlpower#smiles

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