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When passion cooks the entire nation perceives the aroma. Passion, zest, zeal, whatever you choose to call it, is the when passneeded ingredient for the preparation and successful execution of our visions and dreams in life. Any engagement that is short of passion leaves us lethargic, doleful and miserable. I counsel myself everyday never to engage in projects that I am not passionate about because when I do, I under-perform.

For our competence to incessantly match-up to and inspire our performance, we need a dollop and two scoops of passion. To outperform our competition and set new standards in our vocation, we need passion. To amass fecundity and become virtuosos at our arts we need passion. Whatever is brewed out of passion can never be ignored by men. As a matter of fact, you need passion to do and to live. Those who live life passionately maximize time and live to the fullest. They explore, take risks, love to a fault and forgive in advance. Life is too short to be overtly calculative and shrink back in timidity. Life is full of potential joys that can only be received by passionate hearts.

So, whatever you are good at, whatever makes you feel valuable, whatever gives you joy, whatever satisfies you, pursue it with zest. Put all your effort into it and do it with undying zeal. You’ll have the life you want if you pursue your dreams with unflinching passion.

Get off the spectators bench of life, you are needed in the court of play! Whatever you do today, do it passionately. Always remember that when passion cooks, the dish is an award winner!

I love you very much!


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