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The “contemporary” God doesn’t live in an ark, He dwells in human temples and He speaks through them when we least expect.

I created “SHEmotions” as a junkyard of some sort- a tacky little space where ‘everything else’ fits comfortably. But like every junkyard, there are treasures beneath the pile of mess and rubbles.

sunday cocFirst, let me begin with a confession: I skipped church. #bombshell! I can imagine the horror on your face. I know! I am not one to skip holy communions and fellowships. I crave such gatherings. And even though sometimes I disappear from my assembly to reappear elsewhere, I usually keep Sunday mornings sacrosanct. It’s my conventional approach but today, I cancelled to attend to a pressing assignment. God bless Nigeria, I would have showed up still but for the power outage that delayed my progress with an assignment due for submission this morning. (That one na different tory)

Eventually, after a hectic day of work (reading, writing, typing and staring at the computer), I chose to relax. Most people pursue relaxation and eschew stress by sleeping or doing something lethargic but I unwind and unstress with movies. #I’mobsessedwithmovingpictures. Movies are therapeutic for me; they’ll do just about anything. And in case you are wondering, I prefer movies with depth and conversation to those with intense shootings and strong languages (they don’t seem to mirror my world effectively). But my obsession with movies is a story for another day. Well, one thing led to another and I had to see a friend whose visit I had agreed to earlier in the week.

As planned, he came over to my hostel with his guitar and we did some of his songs together (he is super talented and hitting the airways soon). Soon after our Grammy-winning renditions, we got talking and out of the blues he threw at me one of the frequently asked and equally startling questions. “What is your dream” he asked unflinchingly. Then I went “Huurm…..eem…. (silence, scoffs, SMH, silence)… (gathering my thoughts)….Well…” I began. You must be thinking “Poor her, she doesn’t even have a dream”, but you are wrong.

Like Martin Luther, as a young girl, I had a dream. It was quite clear in my head and I was headed somewhere. It was particular, clear and concise and there were no other options. It was either that dream or that dream. But as I grew, things changed. My desire for more changed everything. I stopped having A DREAM. I started having DREAMS. But here is the clause, when people ask me “what is your dream?” they seem to say “define it” and I cannot! Even though I know it and have a mental picture, yet I can’t but feel there aren’t enough palettes in the world to paint its reality in the way anyone could understand it. And truthfully, sometimes I just don’t believe people’s ability to comprehend the “abnormal” (even when abnormal is the new genius…).

Above and beyond, after my entire “story”, some things crystallized. What I want is to grow myself and retain relevance, to be a renowned force and a voice in all that I’ve been “called” to do. All I want is to maximize opportunities and meet up with God’s expectations of me. I want to explore new territories, test new waters, be more versatile and open, excel and be relevant. He must have sensed the taints of withdrawal, indecision and fear in my speech when he said “the software is in you”. That was all I needed to hear! But he went on and I am glad he did.

He emphasized on the power of operating in the right habitat and working one’s strength. Then he reassured me that while I may not be able to convey my dreams efficiently to others and may even fail at convincing them to buy into it, it is essential that I know it and pursue it. He spoke to my thoughts of not being good enough or the feeling thereof. He rebuked my reluctance to try new territories and test the waters. He trashed my fears of the “what ifs”. He spoke to my fears of fierce pursuit and healthy competition. He told me again, “The software is in you. You must know it and activate it”

As he spoke, I stopped hearing him. He was too real. He was speaking and addressing issues that needed attention in me. Then it hit me, it wasn’t him. The church had come to me. Out there, on a breezy Sunday evening, from the lips of a young man, God was saying to me “My plans for you are intact, I’ve got you covered”. I heard Him say “I have made investments in you and I will teach you to flourish unto profiting”. I heard God say “You do not carry something, you carry me. I am your dream and I defy explanation but if you will trust me, I will show myself off to the world through you”.

As I walked my friend to the ‘bus stop’, I felt orange happy-faced smileys pop out of my heart with every beat. God had made time out for me! He visited and gave me the word I needed in due season. Though I am not advocating or promoting indiscriminate absence in church, I reecho the truth that the walls of our cathedrals aren’t thick enough to confine God to a location. The “contemporary” God doesn’t live in an ark, He dwells in human temples and He speaks through them when we least expect. Keep an open mind, God is speaking everywhere around you! Even in you!


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