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Over the years I’ve met quite a number of people. And frankly, a remarkable number of them seemed to be carried away with what they’ve got going-on on their inside that they lose the entire picture of what their outside is supposed to look like. They seemed to be driven by the knowledge of what they carry and their capacity to effect changes around them, that they deflect counsels on their outward appearance with statements like “I’m good at what I do” or “I’m a great mum and a good wife and that’s all that matters”. For their sake I wish that were true. I wish all that truly matters is how good you are at your job, your intellectual prowess and ability to proffer solutions to difficult situations. But it’s all wishful thinking.

Consider this scenario. After a long walk in the sun, two bottles of your favorite drink was placed on a table before you. You are to choose one. Here’s the clause; one is covered in dust, dirty and haggard looking while the other bottle is squeaky clean. Which will you pick? Let’s even assume that both bottles are clean but one is chilled while the other isn’t, which would you go for?

content_containerThe reality of life is that people will always go for what looks better. What is attractive and presentable will repeatedly trump what is not. Even gold repels until it is refined and perhaps forged into useful pieces suiting specific purposes.

My advice to you is to place importance on your outward appearance. It is the first thing people see and relate to when they see you. Before you put your expertise to work, before you even open your mouth to speak, your container comes first.  And darling, life is too competitive to leave anything to chance. Your goal in life should be to always be the preferred choice among your contemporaries. Besides, getting yourself put together on the outside doesn’t reduce your content. It gives it the needed boost! So, go ahead and play dress up. You are a professional in your field; it’s time to look the part. Eyes eat before mouth.

I’m glad you have the content, go ahead and fix the container! You’re great already, it’s time to get better! I love you!

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