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When You Trash-talk, Shit Happens!

debbieWe cannot over-beat or overrate the potentials lurked in our utterances. An amazing poet once said “the word is an egg”, indeed it is. The tongue can be unruly and consequentially, the undoing of our lives and relationships if we do not tame it. Ever wondered why the tongue is surrounded by the teeth? It is not only for functionality but to guard it! Some words are better left unspoken while some should cease to exist in our vocabularies. Note that every speech made is a seed sown, and such sown seeds can never be retrieved. It does not matter how many apologies you give for saying mean things to people, the most you can get is forgiveness while your words remain forever stored in memory. This is one reason why you must speak consciously. Understand that when you speak carelessly, shit happen both to yourself and to everyone around you. Should you stop speaking? No, you can’t! You can however choose what to speak.

It all begins from your inside. What you hear, believe and meditate on are some factors that directly influence your words. If you ingest and meditate on positive things, your utterances will follow suit. Do not know where to begin? Start with adopting the ‘feed forward’ technique. The logic is; before you utter a word, do a quick review of the consequences of your speech. This may be hard the first few times but you’ll be glad you did especially if you are an erroneous spontaneous speaker. Overtime, thinking before you speak will stick and streamline your utterances to the most necessary ones. Above all, in whatever you do, make it your lifelong decision to grow people with your words. People; everyone including you. When men hurt, let them find succor and healing in your speech. To yourself and to others, about yourself and about others, build a culture of speaking positively even in the most negative situations. Always remember, when you trash-talk, shit happens to everyone and everything.


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