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When Broken Pieces Fit

Years back, tragedy struck and I lost someone very close to me. I wanted to die. The occurrence wrecked me emotionally and I had no idea how to move on. People came with advice and words of consolation. They all seemed to A computer generated image of a chain with a broken link.chorus “It is well” when it was not and nothing they said ‘jelled’. As I advanced from the mourning stage to confront reality, I staggered. I would put on a pretty face on the outside while I fell apart on my inside. I cried and worried so much that I began to loose weight.

My greatest fear then was for my future and my dreams. The loss had created a vacuum that I had no backup plan for. Then I cleaved to faith, new hobbies, music and pretty much anything positive to get me started on the path to recovery. They worked. Soon, I realized that my life was not as shattered as the  grief had magnified. Yes, it had cracks in its walls but the damage was not beyond repair. Gradually, I began to see things from a new perspective that boosted my confidence and gave me the assurance of a future beyond my initial dreams.

In hurt and pain, you are not alone. We have all had our share of disappointments, failures, loss, pains, struggles and failed relationships. We have had them in varying degrees and intensities. These times are the most difficult of our lives as our dreams begin to appear disjointed and irrelevant. Yet, in all these, survival is imminent. The life of a man is one big puzzle that defies human comprehension. There are bends, curves, twists and turns on its path. It’ll be smooth and rough. There’ll be highs and lows. All these make life adventurous and satisfying if we refuse to quit.

When your preconceived picture of the future comes crashing down, pick up its pieces, arrange it and hang it back in its place. If you will not quit, those broken pieces will one day remind you of how hard you were hit and how stronger you emerged. With time, faith and courage health is restored. When broken pieces fit, your understanding of perfection crystallizes knowing that everything works together for good when you believe. Retain the mental picture of your destination and stay tenacious through the tumult! Come out stronger! I love you very much


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