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Don’t waste yourself, be unusual!

Sometimes the biggest mistake we make is to look up to people.More often than not, when we do, we get so engrossed in the “wanna-be-like” euphoria that we forget what it is to be ourselves.While I admit that certain individuals are worthy of our emulations, it is essential that we do not lose touch with our individuality.

Our admiration must be channeled first to ourselves, then to others.We must master the art of self appreciation and place premium on our worth cum the potentials we carry. Then, we can proceed to value others and engage in a value exchange without inhibiting or endangering our authenticity and ability to self-express. Treasure this; no matter how wacky or inadequate people think you are, you’ve got something that is exclusive to you. When you wastediscover and fine-tune it, you’ll become an irresistible commodity. Take the step to evolve from the shadows of your role models and let the unadulterated you shine through. Admiration is great, emulating good virtues is superb, having successful role models is wonderful but none of this is enough to rob you of you. Be inspired not inhibited. As you launch out into the world of drawing inspirations, go with an understanding of who you are. Do not be deceived, you’ve got special stuff.  In all you do, you leave an exclusive print that cannot be counterfeited. That is priceless. Retain the baseline of your originality. Don’t waste yourself, be unusual!

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